Master Your iPhone Camera and Learn To
Shoot the Best Photos of Your Life

9-Video Photography Course for iPhone (or Android) w/ Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Learn to shoot stronger, more exciting photos on your iPhone ... with the co-author of The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone

Just because it's an iPhone, there's no excuse to not be capturing fantastic images for use in your photo art compositions. And the better you are with that iPhone of yours, the more fantastic your artwork.

Go jump on and look up "iPhone photo art." The first book that will come up is the work Nicki Fitz-Gerald co-authored with Bob Weil. It's a great book. But for many it's a bit advanced. (And of course, there are no videos.)

This short video course on the fundamentals of shooting great photos with your iPhone fills an important role — especially if you are just getting started in this exciting world of mobile photo artistry.

The 9 videos making up this course will inspire you (and give you the expertise) to create amazing photos that will elevate every aspect of your work as an artist.

It will make you a better photographer.

And it will make shooting images with your iPhone (or Android) so much more fun.

Here's What the Course Covers:

Lesson 1: Camera Basics and Camera Substitutes

— Review the fundamentals of shooting effectively with a smart phone and learn some awesome tricks that will help you get the very best shots.

Lesson 2: Selecting Subjects

— Take great photos (as opposed to simply clicking snapshots) by approaching your photography with the eye of an artist, seeking out images of greater interest or emotional weight.

Lesson 3: Composition and the Rule of Thirds

— Learn to employ the most important guiding principles of photographic composition so as to make your works all the more visually compelling.

Lesson 4: Framing, Leading Lines, and Repetition

— Capture stronger photos with greater inherent interest through a variety of techniques emphasizing clear, compelling visual components.

Lesson 5: Mastering Focus and Exposure

— Master the most important aspects of capturing a viable photograph, avoiding the most common causes of frustration when trying to grab a challenging image.

Lesson 6: Lighting Tricks and Tips

— Get creative with your use of available light or simple lighting configurations, producing far more ambience and drama in your work.

Lesson 7: HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

— Produce stunning shots that capture rich detail in both the shadows and the highlights, achieving results that would normally be impossible with a conventional shot.

Lesson 8: Sharing, Transferring, and Organizing Your Images

— Keep better track of your valuable image content and learn to move it (or share it) wherever you need your images to be.

Lesson 9: Collecting Images for Artistic Photo-Collage

— Move beyond capturing stand-alone photographs and begin assembling a library of image content you can use when producing amazing artistic photo-collages and elaborate compositions.

So — ready to start taking better photos?
Awesome. How about right now?

GUARANTEE: Even though this training is only 12 bucks right now, we aren't asking you to risk a penny of it. As with anything you buy here, you are 100% protected by our 60-day money-back guarantee. Meaning you can try out the course entirely at no risk, and if over the next two months you decide this training isn't well worth the investment, just ask and you get every penny back. Couldn't be simpler.


It's simple enough.
The better your images, the better your work. Learning to shoot great photos with your iPhone
is mandatory.
Everything starts there. Sebastian Michaels

"Nicki is a phenomenal teacher. Unless you're already a professional photographer, you'll learn a lot here (I know I did). Once you experience this brief but succinct course, you'll understand why I wanted to work with her as the co-author of my book The Art of iPhoneography.
In her day job, Nicki works as a creative professional (no more than a half hour from where Downton Abbey is filmed, as it happens), and it shows in the quality of her training." Bob Weil